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I love to bite my Mom. She's easy!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bet you wonder why I'm called "Psycho Pup". My Mom's friend named me that after he met me ONE time. Cause I'm crazy and run around the house like a tornato, I run and jump right in the middle of them and give kisses, then I play bite. Everyone thinks I'm crazy! Mom's also has different names for me besides "Psycho Pup", such as: "Puki Bear", "Puki", "Puk", "Puks", "Mr. Bear"!

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Mom is wrapped around my little paw. She spends lots of money on dog food thinking I might eat. My friend Koda, his Mom gave her samples and we found two types I might eat. Mom mixes it with boiled chicken.

NOW LISTEN UP...what you do is go up to your bowl, smell it and walk away. Keep fussin' and they'll keep tryin. You might get something really yummy!

Mom took me to puppy training classes thinking I might learn something. SHE almost failed the class. I had fun training her. She even hired a home trainer. Boy was I the perfect "gentleman" everytime they were around. My manners were perfect and I showed them I could follow any command they gave me....boy did I fool them!

Hi ya'll, my name is Puki Bear. I'm almost 2 years old now. I picked my Mommy when she went looking for a puppy. I AM your normal Lhasa Apso: dominate, manipulative, independent and obstinate (I can sometimes be sweet)! I have been such a naughty boy. I don't eat my kibble, I like boiled chicken, sometimes milk and kibble AND I have a sweet tooth. I like to eat my Mom's sweet rolls and carmel corn. My hobbies are biting most of the time, playing ball, running and sleeping.